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August 18, 2023

Online Subscription Overload…Is this you?

Keeping your paid online subscriptions organized can help you manage your expenses and ensure that you're getting the most out of the services you subscribe to. This blog gives you some suggestions to help you stay organized and shows you how to unsubscribe from unwanted subscriptions.

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August 30, 2023

Securing Justice

The critical importance of protecting sensitive client information and the increasing vulnerability of digital data in today's world led us to tell you this story about our client Daniel who was the head of a prestigious law firm. As a provider of legal services, his law office handled a vast amount of sensitive client information on a daily basis. Understanding the critical importance of data privacy and security, Daniel took proactive steps to protect his clients' confidential information by implementing robust data encryption measures.

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July 26, 2023

Empowering Construction Excellence

In the face of a complex and seemingly insurmountable problem, we embarked on a transformative journey that helped our client with his construction company to redefine our approach and ultimately lead to remarkable outcomes.

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July 19, 2023

From Risk to Resilience

Our good friend Rebecca, who owns a prominent insurance company invested in a cybersecurity risk assessment to proactively identify vulnerabilities and potential threats to her organization's sensitive data and infrastructure. By understanding her security posture, she made informed decisions and allocated resources effectively to mitigate risks, safeguarded her reputation, and ensure the long-term stability and success of her business.

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July 12, 2023

Tech Troubles: The Truth About Tech Support Scams

We see many small businesses being targeted by tech support scams. Scammers impersonate technical support representatives from well-known companies and contact small business owners, claiming that their computers are infected with viruses or experiencing technical issues. They persuade the business owners to provide remote access to their computers or purchase unnecessary software or services, resulting in financial loss and potential data breaches.

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